Membership Information

Our charter provides for a maximum of 80 members divided into two categories.  Boaters are those who own a sail or power boat which meets the requirements for registration in the state of North Carolina.  Non-boaters are those who do not currently own a boat of this type. Since our goal is to encourage boating, our non-boater membership is limited to 10% of the current membership or a total of eight members.  All members are voting members. Members are also expected to participate by volunteering for one or more committees responsible for carrying out the various events.  Membership dues are $250 for the initial year and $150 for subsequent years.

Steps to membership:

  • Meet the requirements of membership listed above.

  • Be sponsored by two current SYC members in good standing, one of whom you have known for at least six months.

  • Attend at least one scheduled club event as the guest of your sponsor(s). Your sponsor(s) will be responsible for introducing you to the Board and other members while shepherding you through the membership process.

  • Complete an application for membership, which you will receive from the membership Coordinator at the request of your sponsor(s).

  • Be elected by the board for membership.