Upcoming 2019 educational sessions

More information will be provided in the days leading up to the sessions, including an Evite sent to your email for you to register for the class.

Navigation Workshop – February 16, 10-12 noon

Join us for a hands-on Navigation Workshop, where you will learn basic coastal piloting and traditional navigation techniques. You’ll leave ready to plot your position and course on a paper chart just in case your GPS goes out. No prior experience required.

This hands-on Navigation Workshop will cover:

  • The role of piloting and DR in a GPS world
  • Anatomy of the Nautical Chart
  • Chart scale and symbology
  • Using a compass, chart and simple plotting tools
  • Location by latitude and longitude
  • Position plotting on a Mercator chart
  • Speed time and distance—a DR tradition
  • Working with a hand bearing compass
  • Developing a no-electrons navigator’s backup plan

Troubleshooting Basic Electrical Problems – March 16, 10-12 noon

This seminar is designed to assist the boat owner in identifying the most common sources of onboard electrical problems. This class will offer an overview of the components of electricity: Amps, volts, watts, the difference between AC/DC, charge and circuits. Troubleshooting techniques, including using a multi-meter will be discussed. Participants will leave class with a better understanding of their electrical systems and how to fix common problems.

April 27 session – save the date – more to come!

Past Educational Sessions


Maintaining your diesel engine

Meet Bill Howell, education committee chair

Bill has sailed over 60,000 nautical miles, over the past 40 years. Circled the globe twice with wife Laura in boats ranging from an engineless 28’ Columbia 8.7 to a 62’ Deerfoot with all the modern conveniences. His professional life has been centered on technology including stints with Microsoft, HP and others as well as running the Events Group for The Washington Post producing trade shows and educational conferences focused on technology.

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