PHRF Series kicks off on a gusty day

Under clear skies and light winds, the Southport Yacht Club kicked off their PHRF sailing race series on Saturday. Nine boats participated in the race, sailing 5.7 nautical miles up the river and back. Challenged with an incoming current and gusts on the returning portion of the race, some boats had a tough time rounding the final mark. Fleet captain Scott Kaseman described the race. “It was a great day on the water,” he said. “Winds started light but got up to as much as 18 knots at the end.. Still it was an awesome race.”

Spinnaker class results

First place – Red Stripe, captain Gar Bouse

Second place – Bloody Mary, captain Scott Kaseman

Non-spinnaker class results

First place – Invictus – captain Kevin Hennessey

Second place – Lucky Tiger – captain Ed Schrum

Third place – Gabbiano – captain Jeffrey Moore

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