PHRF race #2 proves fun

Starting in light winds, the sailors in Southport Yacht Club’s second race in the PHRF series enjoyed a beautiful day on the ocean last Saturday. The course was about five miles, a windward/leeward race with nine boats participating.

Kevin Hennessey, captain on “Invictus,” took first place in the non-spinnaker class. “We had a really good start,” he said. “We hung to the left of the course because the wind was better there. We took a starboard tack and rounded the mark pretty easily.”

Their work done after setting the marks, it’s worth noting the chase boat crew also had a successful day on the ocean. “Fishing was a little slow for us,” laughed captain Alan Barwick. “We caught two Spanish and one Blue. The ocean was calm; it was a very comfortable day on the water. And we nabbed some fresh fish to grill.”

Spinnaker Results:

1st place – “Nugget,” captain Bob Cowen

2nd place – “Red Stripe,” captain Gar Bouse

3rd place – “Bloody Mary,” captain Scott Kaseman

Non-Spinnaker Results:

1st place – “Invictus,” captain Kevin Hennessey

2nd place – “Gabbiano,” captain Jeffrey Moore

3rd place – “Mona Lisa,” captain William Finn

4th place – “Boomerang,” captain Mark Salyer

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