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Strong winds greet PHRF racers

By Kass Fincher

Under beautifully clear blue skies but challenging winds, the Southport Yacht Club kicked off their first race in the PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) Series for 2018. It was an ocean race, starting two miles out from the Fort Caswell Lighthouse, and racing four miles out into the ocean and back.

Fifteen boats participated; for most the race was about an hour or a little more. Chris Webster, Vice Commodore, related their experience. “Conditions were a little bit rough, but consistent,” he said. “We had 18 knot winds. But the boats got out there on time; they were going against the current, windward going out and leeward coming back.”

Despite the winds, the sailors had a positive outlook. As Webster said, “The waves were okay, a bit of spray coming off the bow. Sunshine was wonderful, it wasn’t too cold, so for the most part it was a great day out there. Everybody had a great time; everybody is telling stories – I call them lies – but I’m sure they have tales to tell.”

Holding back a bit on his tales but smiling as he leaned in, Fleet Captain Jamie Deale, whose boat Bernadette finished second, said they were all ready to get back in. “It was cold and windy out there, we didn’t need to race any longer,” he said. “We left the dock at 10:30 and got back at 2:00, so that was enough.” One of the Club’s newest members – Gar Bouse – who’s been boating for many years – summed it up: “We didn’t break anything, so that’s always a good day on the water.”

The next PHRF race is a river race on May 19. Prior to that is an exciting 20 mile long distance race on May 12. More details to come!

Spinnaker winners:

First place Bloody Mary Captain Scott Kaseman

Second place Bernadette Captain Jame Deale

Third place Red Stripe Captain Gar Bouse

Non-Spinnaker winners:

First place Invictus Captain Kevin Hennessey

Second place Lucky Tiger II Captain Ed Schrum

Third place Juno Captain Chris Webster

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