Navigation Workshop – Women Only

March 7th

Join us for a hands-on Navigation Workshop, where you will learn basic coastal piloting and traditional navigation techniques. You’ll leave ready to plot your position and course on a paper chart just in case your GPS goes out. No prior experience required. A Women Only workshop.

This hands-on Navigation Workshop will cover:

  • The role of piloting and DR in a GPS world
  • Anatomy of the Nautical Chart
  • Chart scale and symbology
  • Using a compass, chart and simple plotting tools
  • Location by latitude and longitude
  • Position plotting on a Mercator chart
  • Speed time and distance—a DR tradition
  • Working with a hand bearing compass
  • Developing a no-electronics navigator’s backup plan

An Evite went out earlier; open it and register or contact Bill Howell at 571.334.0122 or to reserve a spot!