First, a big thanks to Pay Lynch who has led the Education committee since the beginning.  Pat has coordinated many many great presentations and topics.  And now, he has given the helm to Bill Howell.

Bill Howell has already started his new job with an introductory course in coastal cruising held February 3rd at the NC Maritime Museum.  He and Laura led with a short slide show of their world sailing photos, and then took us through some of the basics that we all need (cruisers or not) to be safe on the water.  Next time you see Bill, say ‘hello’.  There is no one friendlier!

Also, please visit the new Education Page (in the Yachting section).  Stay tuned… there will be more to come.

Here is Bill’s short ‘bio’.  I’m sure the long one would be incredible!

Bill has sailed over 60,000 nautical miles, over the past 40 years. Circled the globe twice with wife Laura in boats ranging from an engineless 28’ Columbia 8.7 to a 62’ Deerfoot with all the modern conveniences. His professional life has been centered on technology including stints with Microsoft, HP and others as well as running the Events Group for The Washington Post producing trade shows and educational conferences focused on technology.