SYC Leadership Team

As Commodore, I will lead SYC to improving membership, participation, boating enthusiasm, and more time on the water.

Sam Johnston


As Vice Commodore, I assist the Commodore in the discharge of his duties and officiate in his absence. The Vice Commodore will be responsible for the Seamanship, any Junior Activities, Property, Membership Committee, Education Committee, and the Nominating Committees. The Vice Commodore shall also be responsible for communications and public relations including both print and electronic media.

Chris Webster

Vice Commodore

As Rear Commodore, I assist the Commodore and Vice Commodore in the discharge of their duties and officiate in their absence. The Rear Commodore is responsible for the Law, Club Insurance, and Social activities.

Sandy Gibson

Rear Commodore

Our general meeting structure will include approval of the last meeting minutes, Treasurer report, Membership report, upcoming events, old business and new business.

Cindy Cowell

Secretary Treasurer

As Membership Chair, I am responsible for receiving and reviewing membership applications and promoting new membership growth.

Bob Menches

Membership Chair

I love telling stories about organizations and people. As chair of the Communications Committee I work with Kass Fincher and Norm Brown, who create KILO, the Club newsletter; post on the Club’s Facebook page; work with the media; and generally communicate with members to make sure they know about all the great things happening at the Club.

Cheryl Serra

Communication Committee Chair

As Cruising Chairman, I schedule boating events that are generally a few days or more. These events promote a cruising lifestyle of living on a boat for extended periods and traveling from place to place for pleasure.

Steve Karch

Cruising Committee Chair

As chair of the Education and Training committee, I arrange educational programs that will help the Club fulfill its mission to promote safe seamanship. Let me know if there’s something boating-related that you’d like to learn about.

Bill Howell

Education and Training Chair

Eric provided SYC the leadership in helping our young club grow its membership and to help give our members a venue for social activities, racing and cruising. Thanks Eric for your massive contribution to the start of our new club!

Eric Hoffman

Past Commodore

As Social Chair, I oversee our team of volunteers who plan, schedule, and create the environment for each social activity, including the annual meeting, post-race and regatta parties, marina parties, and small events featuring local businesses. Everyone says we have the most fun – because we do!

Susan Delaney

Social Chair

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