2018 PHRF series winds up

The last two races for the Southport Yacht Club PHRF series were river races on October 27. Nine boats participated; one race lasted about an hour; the other just 30 minutes. The sailors had good winds – 15 knots, southwest – so despite the chilly temperatures they enjoyed competitive conditions.

The series has faced many challenges this year – from lack of wind to hurricane cancellations, so some races have been rescheduled several times. Chris Webster, Vice Commodore, summed up this year’s PHRF series. “Big wind, no wind, postponements, hurricane, and last of all, parties!” The series-ending party and awards ceremony was held at the Wine Rack, where the Club members celebrated this year’s winners with awards and toasts.

Nonspinnaker series winners:

First place – Juno, captain Chris Webster

Second place – Lucky Tiger II, captain Ed Schrum

Third place – Harmony, captain Charles Goodrich

Spinnaker series winners:

First place – Nugget, captain Bob Cowan

Second place – Bloody Mary, captain Scott Kaseman

Third place – Red Stripe, captain Gar Bouse

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